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This has been resolved using METHOD 3 below - sharing here to save further headaches...

We embedded the code for the Native Ads Row and the free offers were not appearing though the byline for Netline was - this is indicative of a script being blocked (the items chosen are through javascript where the by line is pure HTML.

This can be tested (or you can go to the solution below) by turning off Cloudlfare or whatever other similar platform you may be using as well as any caching mechanism you may be (should be!) using... delete the cache on both and refresh the page and the free offers will appear... for a while...

There are 3 options to correct this... What you need to know there is a mechanism called Rocket Loader that assists in loading all javascripts in a quick fashion -- and sometimes it will break a particular javascript.

The following is from Cloudflare's support page (URL below)

-- begin cloudflare support --

Rocket Loader does have the potential to break some JavaScript and jQuery functions as a beta feature. If you're having issues with JavaScript or jQuery, please do the following:

- METHOD 1 -

Turn off Rocket Loader in your Performance Settings. You can get to your Performance Settings by going to:

Speed > Rocket loader

- METHOD 2 -

You can alternatively get to your performance settings by replacing the domain in the following url:


Note: Developers familiar with placing script tags can have Rocket Loader ignore certain scripts.

- METHOD 3 -

You can have Rocket Loader ignore individual scripts by adding the data-cfasync="false" attribute to the relevant script tag, for example:

Rocket Loader will still work for all other scripts.


1. Adding this attribute within JS will not work to exclude the script from Rocket Loader.
2. The 'data-cfasync' attribute must be added before the 'src' attribute.
3. Rocket loader will recognize the tag when either single or double quotes are placed around the attribute value.

- METHOD 4 -

If Rocket Loader is only impacting a specific URL, then please look at using a PageRule to exclude that URL from optional performance features.

-- end of cloudflare support --

(the URL does end with a dash, weird I know)

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