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As expected, we are seeing our income crashing, and in large part it's because of the following: 1) We need to hand pick offers for our sites. 2) We cannot determine when an offer is withdrawn. 3) We can't easily find offers that fit, since searches, etc, are geobased and we're in Canada. Result is I can't even use keywords, because I can't test what will be shown to U.S. visitors. 4) No impressions/clicks tracking tools. Just reminding you folks in the hope of getting some better tools. Looks like our income will drop 50% this month. Just as an example, of the six offers we were showing on one of our sites, five are no longer available. We' can't afford to allocate real estate to dead offers.
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Additional question (maybe the answers will help others)

I have a site about customer service. There are usually some offers relevant, although they often don't show up in search for me. I don't want dead offers.

I can't see the results others see if I use keywords.

What do I do?

(the keywords that should work are customers, customer service, and crm.


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Hello Again Work911,

It's great to hear from you and I hope all has been well. I've gone ahead and addressed each of your comments in the order of request. I'm hopeful that you find my response both helpful and insightful.

1. Picking offers - You've asked for this many times and we're close to taking the wraps off an exciting new feature. I'd expect a more formal announcement regarding this enhancement to be made over the next few weeks. I'm quite confident this addresses your needs and look forward to getting your feedback once it's live.

2. Offer expirations - We're still looking into other ways of alerting you when an offer comes down. The problem is that we don’t want to create a scenario where we're alerting you countless times per month ultimately making more work for you than required.

The immediate solutions, which I realize may not be optimal for you specifically, are to:

a. Leverage our dynamic content modules and widgets. They update multiple times per day assuring that you're never displaying expired offers to your audience.

b. Leverage our XML catalog and write a script that scrubs the offers you are promoting to your audience with those that exist in the catalog. The catalog updates multiple times per day and so long as you ran your call at a similar frequency, your exposure of promoting expired offers would be dramatically reduced.

c. Rely on your Account Manager to feed you offers specific to your needs on a frequency of your choice. We’d gladly send you suggested offers on a weekly basis and communicate directly with you when offers are nearing expiration. Would that address your concern?

3. Searching for offers – This too will be solved via the feature mentioned in #1.

4. Impressions/Clicks – Again, we’re reviewing the addition of such report. With that being said, it does pose certain challenges with regards to how our program works. As you may already know, RevResponse lets you do things that most affiliate networks won’t let you do like adhoc email promotions, direct deep linking to specific offers, or a simple text-link without ever visiting a tracking URL creation tool.

The above tactics all have one thing in common...RevResponse is no longer the one physically serving the links to your audience. This in turn creates a disconnect with the tracking of clicks and impressions. All conversion activity is still obviously tracked because you are sending the user to your custom sub-domain site. As you can see, the complexity of tracking outside of normal ad placements is quite substantial.

We completely understand and sympathize with your position. It would be my personal recommendation that you heavily rely on your Account Manager to feed you offers on a frequency of your own choice. They’d gladly do the leg-work so you can simply sit back and collect the checks.

Thanks again for your continued support and excitement.