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hey, I would like to know which countries the international eligibility covers. Normally, it covers USA,Canada & Mexico. How about people in other countries? Do you provide soft copies through email? Regards, godofnetizens http://sunishrocks.com
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just click on International Eligible on the left menu most of the major countries can apply.

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Different offers are eligible to different countries. The best way to select an offer that would be available in a specific country would be to use our offer catalog. You'll see in this tool that you can select a specific country and see all overs that are available to that region.

As for providing email copies of the offers, this again depends on the specific offer. All white papers are emailed to those who request them and who qualify. Some of the magazine subscriptions have an option to receive as a digital version vs. a print version however most publication subscriptions are hard copies.

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I think it generates more profit doing so because subscribers can get confused and fed-up when they get to the qualification form of the magazine they like, only to find out it's not for their country.

Even they do the subscription, they are surely rejected.

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