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So after wrestling with this for another three hours or so, I have a few more questions to ask again. 1. Why do you have styles hard-encoded into almost every single tag in your code? Why do you bother letting people set up their own templates if you're going to bloat the code up with styles hard-encoded into every tag? Do your designers have something against style classes? 2. Why do you have font sizes set in PIXELS? Have you never ever heard of accessibility? Does it even matter to you that you're basically telling every vision-impaired visitor to go somewhere else? Not to mention making it very difficult for screenreaders by not using alt tags. 3. My clients expect clean, valid code that loads quickly and displays correctly on all major browsers. I'm really not trying to be offensive, but If I wrote code like this, I'd have been out of a job years ago. I lost count how many font-familys, font-weights, font-size, etc. that you have hard-coded in there... ON EVERY SINGLE PARAGRAPH, ANCHOR, UL, LI, TD, etc. Not to mention the list-style-type set on EVERY SINGLE LI. Why bother having the < STYLE > declaration at the top of the navigation section in there at all? I need to escalate this, please... before I spend any more time trying to get your invalid code to work within my valid xHTML layout.
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Thanks once again for your feedback. I've emailed you directly to get you working with one of our developers to help you sort out any trouble you've been having. I encourage you to use him as a resource as we continue to improve the tool.