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I used to use Tradepub and it was so simple. I've come back here a few times, wasted 20 minutes each time, and still can't simply offer a particular magazine. I know the magazine, finally uncovered it in your "Offer Catalog" (BTW, can't you call it "Catalog of Offers" --verbs used as adjectives, no link ever takes me where I expect, "Create Content" takes me to "Forums"). Anyway. So I see the code to display the picture of the magazine and it tells me I can create my own banner or ad, but all I have is the IMG URL. How do I make a link that takes them to revresponse, to an offer to subscribe to the magazine in question, and has my affiliate tagging in it. It's impenetrable.
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I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with RevResponse. In actuality, you do not have to change the way you're promoting our offers at all from the way you were previously doing so with TradePub. We now, simply offer more features.

If you want to promote one single offer, you can link from your partner page. Your affiliate page is: If you wanted, for example, to promote Modern Metals Magazine, you'd find that on your partner page, and promote the link you find there. For this publication it would be:

If you're looking to make some kind of banner with your one offer, you're welcome to create something from the links you find in the offer catalog. See below:

You can also contact your account manager to create something for you. You can reach Laurie at We are also in the process of adding the ability to select the offers you'd like included in our widgets in the Ad Wizard. This will hopefully be rolled out in early 2009.

For some other instructions for RevResponse you can check out the links for Using RevResponse in the left navigation.

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Coincidentally, I just wasted 45 minutes trying to do a similar task, something that should have taken 3 minutes. The item that I was advertising very effectively terminated (I have no idea when, but whatever, there was a loss of revenue for all parties.)

I wanted to replace it with the two new MS Project offers, using the ad wizard. I tried using a variety of key words that should have worked, but none did. I just gave up.

Karen, I think you know that we are working very hard, and rather successfully to make revresponse work on our sites, but when we consider that we could still DOUBLE our revenues, and offer uptake if we had the right tools, it gets mighty frustrating.

Please remember that at least for us, the more time we have to spend fiddling with tools that are broken, or getting around tools you should be providing but don't, the less we can produce for ourselves and for you.

Yes, I could use an ad rotator, customize the code, etc, and yes, that's what I will do when I have time to update all our sites and codes, but right now I don't have time.