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It appears that replacing key in the display code no longer works. Just checked my existing ads and they no longer display what they are supposed to, and the same with a new one I'm trying to make.
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Hello Work911,

Could you provide us with a few examples that you're using that don't seem to be generating the correct offers? We did some investigation over here and all seems to be working from what we can tell. Please give us an example or two so that we can look into it for you.


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Karen, I haven't had a chance to check properly. One of the things that happened is that a major supplier at your end stopped their offers, and they were the only ones that properly came up for the keywords I was using (drat, it was a perfect fit).

I believe I did a check on other words that didn't seem to work, but it may be it was an issue with available suppliers, rather than a tech problem.

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I'm sorry to hear about the confusion but we want to make sure that you don't have this problem (or a similar problem) again.

What keywords were you trying to focus on? Maybe we can come up with an alternative solution to meet your audience' needs.

If the content you were focusing on was primarily coming from one category, you may want to try assigning the category via the wizard and insert the keyword too. This way, if the keyword is no longer giving exact results, you'll still at least be providing offers in a relevant category instead of all categories.

Let me know if you need additional help!

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Hi Work911,

Were you able to solve the keyword issues you were having? If not, we're here to help. If you can give us some examples of the problems you're having we'll make sure to work out the issues for you. Feel free to post here or email us at so we can help you.