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Unlike other forums, you do not have a private message option over here. I found a couple of people around here who are in the same domain as I and interacting with them can dramatically increase our earnings as we share our observations and learnings. Secondly, The first mail i got said i would be assigned an account manager who would contact me within 24 hours, but I as yet dont know whom to bug with my novice questions :( Take it in the right spirit, its not to demean your services, what you offer is great.. the suggestions are just to make it better . Regards, RK.
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Hello RK. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. That's what these forums are here for. You'll notice that every few weeks we're adding new features and your suggestions are what help us to grow our program.

Private messaging options are already on our list of future features. Our developers are hard at work on this feature any many others and you will eventually have the ability to private message. I'll update the blog when that option gets closer. In the meantime, feel free to start a forum thread to talk earnings/observations with the other partners. If you've noted their usernames you can try to start a thread *ATTN: "username"* and see if you can get chatting that way.

As for your account manager, his name is Vince Chiarlone and he'll be emailing you today. Since you came in as a new partner on Saturday, he didn't get an email out to you. You'll see one from him today. In the meantime, you can "bug" him with your novice questions ;) by emailing