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Hello All, Wouldn't it be nicer to have link element of the RSS feed for each of the 33 categories point to the front web page of the respective category? Right now they all point to the front page of the which is not neccesarily relevant for the topical RSS feed which is about, say, agriculture. The reason it came up is because I've submitted the RSS feeds to a certain RSS directory which requires that I place a certain tracking script on the web page associated with the feed. They take URL of that web page from the link element. Since I do have access to the header and footer of the co-branded web site, I can do it but placing 33 tracking icons all together is not the way to do it. Thanks in advance MK
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You're right. It would be better to have the link point to the category page. We're working feverishly on an upcoming release, but we'll get it on the to-do list and let you know as soon as we have it switched. Thanks for the suggestion.