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i don't know where to post this thread, as i don't have any technical issues, but this is kinda technical. first i have published already 1001+ FREE U.S. Trade Magazine e-book found at http://files.filefront.com/1001+FREE+US+Trade+Magazine/;10805294;/filein... but it's just a test and it's just iframe and nothing else now i want like if you have seen the amazon search tool with all categories included, so here are my current needs on my upcoming new ebook im planning to upgrade/update that ebook with newer version, that will include the following: 1. multi-category search box (something like the advance amazon search box) which includes categories. 2. a link to revresponse pages such as blog, forums, etc but using my referral link yeah i know this link http://www.revresponse.com/join.php/?refbrand=twitmags links to frontpage of revresponse but what about other pages, can i give this one for example on blogs http://www.revresponse.com/blog/?refbrand=twitmags http://www.revresponse.com/forum/?refbrand=twitmags and it will credit me that Im the referrer? pls. advise also pls. feel free to post the html codes i'll be needing on this thread or email it to me. (ascii txt) so it won't be interpreted by my email and it produce html code already instead of the html code. i think that's about it, btw if you take a peek there's no search box, on the e-book, im planning to add search box, direct link to this site with credits to me, and yeah the rss that's easy to figure out.
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It sounds like you've put a lot of work into the upcoming release of your ebook. You are more than welcome to link to RevResponse with your referral link. You can post referral links to any spot on RevResponse (like the blog and forum). If your referral then signs up for RevResponse you will get credit. When you link to pages throughout RevResponse you users will be browsing as guests. They will have to search the site based on where you send them and sign up from there.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new version.

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