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Links I created on the promote page and placed in my web site do not work. I noticed other having the same problems and it was mentioned that one person only had an Associates account. How do we know what type of account we have and how do we upgrade to a better account. Also can we see an example of the products you are offering in each catagory?
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You are having the same issue you referred to in your comment -- you have an associate account. When you first started your partnership with us, you filled out a form to become an associate partner. In the near future we will be making it so all partners are created equal and everyone will have access to these tools.

When you first created your associate account you were provided with a url tracking link that you will place behind all of your offers to make sure you're getting paid. If you cannot locate that link, please e-mail partnerservices @ netline. com and we'll get it for you.

You can search all of the offers available on your associate page or on

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Believe it our not we signed up with your services years ago and made some revenue until the program started getting less than reliable... I tried to utilize my original log in information but it would not recognize it so I started a new account. So I am now a associate account that can not use the tools provided on the web site? If I want to continue I need to find some code/link that was presented earlier? This is starting to sound very complicated and fishy. Could you provide the steps needed to make this happen? Since this is not the first posting with the same problems this may be very valuable information for all to read.

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Hi Hurleyrun,

We just pulled your account records and can see that you only signed-up once historically. This RevResponse activation is not acting as a sign-up, it's simply our way to invite you to our more lucrative system...I'm sorry this has proven difficult for you.

I'll respond via email with your unique tracking link that was historically provided to you.

The last thing we want RevResponse to be considered is difficult. We're confident we'll get this quickly resolved and have you back on the right path soon enough.

Thanks again for the feedback,