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I put the code on my website form the wizzard but the links do not work.
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Hi Douglas,

The reason the widget you created through the wizard isn't working is because you currently have an associate account. When you first started your partnership with us, you filled out a form to become an associate partner. The e-mail invite you received mentioned that, for the time being, partners with an associate account status would be unable to use the wizard tools. Our engineering team is working to make these tools available to you and we'll be letting you know when you can take advantage of them. Stay tuned because we'll be adding more features for you and giving you access to much more in the near future.

When you first created your associate account you were provided with a url tracking link that you will place behind all of your offers to make sure you're getting paid. If you cannot locate that link, please e-mail partnerservices@netline.com and we'll email it to you again.

You can search all of the offers available on your associate page or on www.tradepub.com.

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Please can you let me know why you do this, you are not taking anythng away from the poeple who have full accounts, by giving parners this access too and you will increase your revenue, it doesnt make any sense

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Hi Sharac! The reason that some access is limited to certain partners is not in an effort to keep things away from you. If we could flip a switch right now and give everyone access while ensuring that their earnings would register, we would in a heartbeat. We're in the process of upgrading each and every one of our associate partners in order to create co-branded sites and give you all access to these tools.

The associate program was originally established for partners who have an Alexa ranking over 150k and generate less subs than average. However, it sounds like you are interested in putting in the effort to increase your earning potential.

Your account manager, Vince Chiarlone is in the process of upgrading your account and creating a co-branded site for you where you can host specific offers and this will allow you to use the wizard. He'll let you know when you’ve been set up but it won't be more than a day or two. Until then, the codes generated in the Ad Wizard aren’t going to work for you. It shouldn’t be long before we can get you up and running.