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Sorry I have to ask this but we're getting malware warnings on some of our sites where we are running "ads" for revresponse publications. I'm trying to track down the source, and one common denominator is...well, you. It's unlikely it's you, but I have to check to be thorough. So, any indications you've been hacked or infected.
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Could you point us to a site that you're getting the warnings from?
And tell us what browser you are using?

Jay Kalpathy, CTO, NetLine

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As you can imagine we are in semi emergency mode right now, but I've tracked it down to our own ad server which was hacked. It just happened that most of the hacked ads were yours, but you are fine. In the process of shutting down the server and hoping this doesn't cost us thousands until I can fix it.

For others, the malware is NOT FROM REVRESPONSE.

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Thanks for the clarification and follow-up.

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Work911 - Hope you've gotten this under control and that you'll be back up and running in no time.

Again, thanks for your speedy response to us once you realized that we were not the culprit.