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The March Bracket Challenge

Let the Games Begin

We are very excited to be bringing you a brand new challenge this month, with new goals and prizes! For those of you college basketball fans we will be running our own March Bracket Challenge for every participating Partner. For those of you not familiar with the March college basketball competition – don’t worry, it’s simple!


HOW IT WORKS All Partners will be given their own unique March Bracket. The bracket will include 3 rounds of personalized goals along with 3 levels of prizes. Each Partner will be invited to participate in the March Bracket Challenge by email. The deadline to sign-up for the Challenge is Monday, March 9th 2015.
The email invitation from RevResponse Partner Services Team will include your bracket with goal and prize details. Goals have been created for each Partner based upon average monthly earnings from the past year. The Challenge will run the month of March, ending Tuesday, March 31st 2015.

HOW TO WIN The March Bracket Challenge includes 3 rounds of prizes. To reach the final round and receive the best prize, the Partner will have to match/exceed the Round 3 Goal. Partners will receive the prize for the highest round that they reach.

The March Bracket Challenge

THE PRIZES This year, back by popular demand, we are running Cash Prizes Only! Prize values range from $25 - $600; each Partners’ goals will qualify for a unique set of prizes. Partners will have the option to select from an Amazon Gift Card or a Cash Prize added to your monthly Partner payment*.

THE RUNNER-UP SWEEPSTAKES All Partners that sign up for the challenge will automatically be entered for a chance to win a mystery runner-up prize (valued at over $50). No cost to play and anyone can win - why wait? Sign up now!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Now that you have all of the details and rules - SIGN UP NOW! To be eligible to win YOU MUST SIGN UP before Monday, March 9th! By clicking the button below you will email the Partner Services Team to confirm your participation in the challenge.


You can also sign-up by directly emailing, click this link or copy the email address.

Ready, set, GO! Promote now & promote smart to reach your goal! Look for our tips, tricks, and hot offers on Twitter @RevResponse #beatyourbracket. Always test hot offers before promoting to confirm that the offer is still active.

*The Small Print: The March Bracket Challenge is for RevResponse Partners only. To be eligible to win, Partners are required to sign up by sending an email to; Partners must sign up by Monday, March 9th 2015. To win a prize you must meet or exceed a goal defined for your specific bracket; you will receive the prize assigned to the goal that you qualify for. All Partners that meet their goal will be informed by Monday, April 6th 2015. Prizes will be sent by Friday, April 24th 2014.

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