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One of the best ways to raise your earning potential is by maximizing your offer visibility. How? Make sure your site visitors see that you’re giving away free business resources! Placing widgets and making mentions of offers within your blogs and newsletters are great ways to peak your audience’s interest. But, another sure way of getting your offers in front of them is to include the magazines or downloads on a page they all have to visit: the login or registration page. If you operate a site that requires visitors to sign-up for your newsletter, for other offers, for alerts, etc., you can maximize that action. When a visitor registers within your site, you most likely send them to a “thank you” page where you give gratitude for their signing up. We recommend taking advantage of that captive audience. Try including a message with an offer promotion: Thank you for registering/signing up. As part of your membership with us, we’d like to offer you the following free magazine subscription (or download). If you want to target your audience that has already registered, try adding an offer to the login page in addition to the thank you page. Visibility = commission. If you decide to give this tip a shot, let us know! We’d love to see an example of how you’re using our services and advice.
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