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Hi All, My name is Tim, and I'm one of the members of TheMoneyKings.com I just wanted to say that I was VERY skeptical of signing up for this service when Daniel Frignito contacted us. I figured it was going to be another one of those sites that try to get the user to sign up for a seemingly free item, but have to use their credit card to close the deal. However, after working with Daniel and he convincing us to join, I feel so far that this seems to be a well run, professional organization. He had our site up and running almost immediately, with the same look and feel as our main website. Furthermore, the magazines are actually relevant and contain meaningful content, the sign up routines are not overly laborious, and I find this admin site for our account easy to use. Thanks for letting us partner with you! Keep up the good work! Tim
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Hi Tim. Welcome to RevResponse. We're happy to hear that you're pleased with your partnership so far. Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback and suggestions. Glad to have you on board!