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hi would it be so easy for us publishers and to encourage more promotion if there's a one click solution located on the newsletter wizard to just copy/paste the content every time there's a monthly offer to review? This will also help the admin to get more promotion from the top monthly free magazine for us to review. Remember this is not our review and it all came from the admin since we can't avail of free magazine ourselves as publisher we only get to publish the best review there is that is coming from the admin or from the horse's mouth. this is just a wishlist
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Hi William,

Thanks for the interesting suggestion. We always consider the solutions our partners request and this is something we will discuss in for future releases.

That said, the monthly offers to review blog post is just a glimpse at some of the offers that are available at that time. This month was unique in that some of the offers had increase payouts. In these circumstances, we blog about the special offers and point out a few interesting notes about those offers. It is up to our relevant partners to take the bullet points we make and turn them into a blog post or newsletter inclusion.

You (and all of our partners) know their audiences better than we do. We just try to give you a summary that you can edit and format to best meet your needs. You can write reviews of any of the free offers in any form you want. The few offers we feature each month are just a snapshot of the huge catalog of offers we make avaialble.

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thanks for the reply, looking forward to more features and add-ons.
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