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It is suggested in the site referal link should look like this‘BRANDCODE’. My site name is then my referal link will be like this or like this which one is right and what is my Brandcode....????
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Hi mginger. You're doing the referral code correctly. It would be:

Brandcode is a term we use for the name we've assigned to your account. You brandcode is the domain within your TradePub URL (biobooke).

You can also get referral badges here.

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mginger - did you happen to get the email I sent to you the other day? I'd like to talk to you in more detail about it. Please response as soon as possible.

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Hi Karen,

Sorry today only I say this mail, i am doing phd in one of the big
university (University of Hannover ) which has more than 5000 students
, i am student chairperson for this year and in the Student year book
i mentioned about my site ask them forward it to the other friend
through my site information is spread like a chain system. My
main source of registration is coming through my brother who is a
software solution engineer working for Microsoft in United states
Boston. His nature job is to go through companies and explain new
updates in there respective fields like software solution, safety
system etc and same time he also suggested free subscription
possibility of Microsoft updates news letter and other free
subscription journals and he promoted my site through small notice and
through his letter pad. And I don't think there is any fraud
activities in this.

Please what kind of documents i want to produce to prove my truths ness....