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Dear all, I'm a new member here. I have done the site setup wizard and have choose the layout fits for my site. What should i do next? Where is my new site url? because my site didn't show any changes. Just like before i join this programe. Hope you can help me an thank's alot for your attention.
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Hi dodolipet. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I've been out of the office and just saw your forum post and took a look at your co-branded site. It looks like you've been able to update it. I see your site logo and header. It looks great. If you had additional questions about branding your page please let me know.

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Dear Karen,

Thank's for your answer, it open my eyes already. But how can I promote my co-branded site url to get a good leads? I have ask this to some of my friends but I want you to give me the official answer. I hope it will help my site to get a lot of high quality leads.


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It's great that you are investigating the best way to generate leads with RevResponse. The beauty of the program is that there is no limit to the ways that you can promote our content.

Our most successful partners are the partners who know their site's audience and can accurately promote our TradePub offers to their audience by knowing what they would be interested. These partners are more hands-on. They will search their co-branded page and select specific publications or white papers that will peak the interest of their site visitors.

Our new offer catalog is another great way to search for the right promotions to highlight for your audience.

You can blog about a single promotion, send an enewsletter to your audience that highlights offers, or post a widget that you create in the promotion wizard onto your homepage.

Simply having a co-branded page won't guarantee you leads. You need to actively promote the content on that co-branded page. Post a link to that URL on your sites. Name it something like 'Free Business Resources' or 'Get Free Trade Publications.'

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. Give some of these suggestions a try. And, as always, you can contact your account manager to provide you with even more specific suggestions.

Good luck!