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I have many websites in different niches. I want an option in ad wizard to choose on which co-branded site i want to redirect the visitors when they click on ad links in widget. But when i create widget.. links redirect to only one website. For example if i am placing widget on IT related site .. links should redirect to it's co-branded site not some other co-branded site. How i can do it?
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Hi arunrev. You're right, this is a small glitch for people using the wizard who have multiple co-branded sites. We're working on making the wizard more user-friendly for you folks. Until we get an item added to the wizard which allows you to select which co-brand you want to promote, we have a work-around for you.

After you create the promotion you want in the wizard, do a "find and replace." Just search for the generic co-brand that gets generated by the wizard and swap that out with the co-brand you want to promote. While it's not a perfect solution, it is an effective one.

I hope this helps. Happy promoting.