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Hi recently I bought one domain name http://www.free-magazines.cn/ I have some doubt regarding promotion Under offer Catalog When I click any offer which I need to promote I can see the offer link as http://telecomtalk-info.tradepub.com/offerlink details My doubt is Can I use http://free-magazines-cn.tradepub.com/offerlink ???? as my promotion code in www.free-magazines.cn or i should stick with http://telecomtalk-info.tradepub.com/offerlink
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Taruntanu - This is a great question. When you originally joined RevResponse, you joined with the telecomtalk site. That is your default link with us. All of our tools will default display links with that subdomain. That said, you can easily do a find-replace and change the urls to include your free-magazines-cn domain instead.

When you find offers in the offer catalog and view the links, just replace telecomtalk-info with free-magazines-cn. Your RevResponse account will be credited for any subscriptions you generate not matter which link you use. Both belong to you and your account.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

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Thanks for a prompt reply now I will work on my website …www.free-magazines.cn need lots of things to work out ......