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Hi All ! We offering you a business opportunity for SERIOUSLY People only to be our Publisher Partners on your country. - You only pay for $250 to be my publisher partners. This payment will be charging at Frebruary 2009 for one time fees only. - You can start as my publisher partners in this month, and publish my newspaper as soon as you joined. - You can print and resell my newspaper as many as you can. - Sell it for $2 each. - All profits is your. - We ONLY Need 1 Publisher Partner on each country. So, this offers will closed to you soon as we get the Publisher Partner at your country. Send your CV's to: to be my Publisher Partners now. Check the site here Thanks. Esaul Daris CEO of SIGNATURIZE
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hello,Mr.Esaul daris
i'm from west borneo near with south borneo.....
can i apply for that? keren bro..