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It's great that the tools for publishers are getting better each month, so I figured, since revresponse is on a roll, maybe I could remind you guys to roll around in my direction 1) Please make the length of the channels field MUCH longer (ala google) to allow meaningful tracking. I'm kind of waiting on this one before replacing all my ad/widget codes, so I really hope it can be done quickly. 2) Make sure tracking channels can be used when using publisher generated links (not using the wizard). Should be relatively simple, by parsing a paramater we'd put in each link. 3) Still hoping for impression and click tracking, particular for any creatives from the wizards. The channels (if the fields are longer) are great, but still limited in guiding optimization. I think those are the big three. The catalog is pretty cool. I'd still like to have some notification when offers get pulled, preferably in email, or when I come to revresponse, but I'd imagine that'd be a pretty major undertaking. I figure if these things are in place come September, I should be able to at least double earnings.
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