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Important Update for all Publishers

The RevResponse Team is pleased to announce this week's release of new lead generation forms for the entire network. First and foremost, please note no technical changes were made to your forms, code, and tagging structure already in place - and no follow-ups are required by you at this time. This release marks the completion of phase one of a two part project to redesign the UX experience. This first phase focused on core elements involved in the everyday user experience of the request flow. Please check out the details and visuals below and enjoy!

The project has been broken down into two phases following each other in quick succession. Today, the website and all Publisher websites have received a brand new and optimized lead generation form design. This week marks the completion of the first phase of the release schedule. The second phase is anticipated for mid-December at which point the full redesign will be completed.

Top List of Updates for Phase 1:

    Visuals: Increasing the use of visuals throughout the experience was a very important element to the release, focusing on the content and letting that drive engagement. Larger cover graphics throughout the request flow calling specific attention to what we already knows drive engagement. For comparison purposes, the new forms will leverage cover graphics that are 80% wider x 86% taller than their prior version. Strong cover graphics are an asset to any campaign and should be harnessed accordingly. Website Template: a refreshed and modern look and feel has been added to the TradePub website template.

    Continued Mobile Refinements: This is Responsive Design 2.0. We have improved the responsive movement of the request process to optimize the user experience at every step of the request process. We’ve also optimized the responsive experience to now introduce cover graphics into the mobile user request flow.
Below are several screenshots showing the new lead generation forms on smartphone devices:

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