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In early September, RevResponse, operated by NetLine Corporation, launched a new predictive lead generation form technology. This technology was applied across the entire B2B content syndication lead generation network for all RevResponse publishing partners. The update focused on streamlining the data capture experience of the forms to decrease abandonment rates and accelerate content request rates--and ultimately increase the earning potential of every publisher.

This proprietary lead generation form technology has further advanced NetLine’s position in the B2B marketing technology industry, operating the largest B2B publisher network and most sophisticated content syndication lead generation network.

New Predictive Lead Generation Forms

The latest version of the lead generation form significantly reduces the number of fields exposed to the user for completion while still capturing a comprehensive 18-point professional profile of each user requesting content. The streamlined predictive form begins with email capture followed by a series of five core fields for a user to complete. Most users will only need to complete 5-7 fields using the new technology, a 60% reduction in required data entry. Watch this brief one-minute video to see the changes:

Publisher Success Story

In an analysis of the results to date, Marketing Charts, a leading marketing industry data site, cited growth in their content request rates led by a 14% decrease in bounce rate. The data shows that the new form technology and design significantly improved the experience for the user and their likelihood of completing the content request.

    “NetLine’s latest lead generation form release has already increased our content request rate by more than thirty percent—improving the experience for Marketing Charts’ audience and ultimately capturing more leads with the smart predictive technology.”
    - JC Lupis, Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Charts

Expanding the B2B Lead Generation Platform for Publishers

Just this year, NetLine began an expansion of their platform by offering publishers free access to the lead generation form technology with white labeling, analytics, and self-service campaign portal to run their own lead generation programs more efficiently. Publishers have found great value in utilizing NetLine’s comprehensive platform:

    “Our campaign management has become more efficient, timely, and of higher quality than with other platforms. We are able to easily access leads at any time for all of our campaigns.”
    - Miles Jennings, CEO of Recruiter

The platform has been especially helpful to publishers attempting to run their own in-house programs, as well as publishers paying for third-party tools. Technology, expertise, and cost is where NetLine leads the pack. When publishers choose to use NetLine’s platform they’re not only saving time and money (NetLine is free!), they’re also using the most sophisticated lead generation forms on the market that come with advanced data cleansing, reports, analytics, and customer support—all while still maintaining the one-to-one relationship with their own clients.

    “Now publishers can use our lead generation forms to enhance their own unique lead gen solutions for their own clients, with the option of amplification across NetLine’s network. It’s a no brainer when you compare NetLine’s form technology, data verification and cleansing, campaign management portal, and cost—which is free—over others in the space.” - Robert Alvin, CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation

Learn more about NetLine’s lead generation publisher platform.

From the RevResponse Team

We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional audience monetization solutions for RevResponse publishers. Looking forward to 2018, we are extremely excited for the advancement of our platform. Thank you for being a member of the #1 B2B Publisher Network.

Best regards,
The RevResponse Team
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