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Have you ever tested a RevResponse content campaign against ecommerce affiliate promotions to measure which drives the higher ROI? Not only that – have you ever determined which promotion type resonates more with your audience’s interests and drives the most engagement? We have!

In a new case study with top tech education publisher, RevResponse sought to prove whether sponsored content could outperform commerce in both earnings and engagement – and the findings are startling. We are encouraging all publishers to read this case study and then evaluate...

CASE STUDY: Content Over Commerce: A Publisher’s Strategy to Increase Revenue +126%

Are you providing a relevant and value-add experience for your audience across all channels?


...doesn’t everyone want to increase revenue by 126% and audience engagement by 613%?


"The revenue RevResponse generates by offering free material to our subscribers outperforms other individual affiliate revenue streams. It's a win-win: our readers gain useful resources at no cost, while we generate revenue."


"Ecommerce promotions forced a constant trade-off between increasing earnings and harming the subscriber’s experience. By sending constant ecommerce deals MakeUseOf was asking their readers to open their wallets and buy – everyday. The repetition of daily deal advertisements did not sit well with the MakeUseOf Team, knowing that it could begin to harm their reputation with their audience; the team began looking for outside options to diversify their monetization strategy."

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