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Let me introduce my self I'm Tegar, Male, 22, coming from Indonesia. I'm newbie here, need your best suggestions and advices. Thanks
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Welcome to RevResponse, Tegar!

Peek through these forums and you'll find some great ideas for getting started with RevResponse.

Here are a few good places to get started:
1. Visit our Offer Catalog to see all of the offers we have available for you to give away for free.

2. Visit the Ad Wizard to create widgets, newsletters, referral ads, and more.

3. Download the Top 10 Ways to Make Money Guide and try integrating some of the ideas into your site.

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welcome to revresponse and enjoy your stay here.

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Funny that you spam all over the forum with your signature


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Wellcome to the jungle Tegarz..

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hello tegar, im Indonesian too, i live in Jogja, i have join this refferal programs for 2 years, I not just telling this free magazine at my blog, but i'm using any other social networking like facebook, multiply for promoting to people around you, dont be shy for promoting this to your family and your friends.

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same as me, from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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