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Hello, I have been here for some time. My earnings are very low, hardly 100 USD pr. year from this programme, but I would like to give it a more serious try. My site is www.newspaperindex.com
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Hello Kosser.

We're here to help you with your serious try at our program. Can you let me know how you've been promoting over the past year? I can offer you suggestions based on what you've already tried.

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Hi Karen, I have had a link just below my topbanner n newspaperindex.com. I have no idea how many clicks it generates, I canĀ“t see that from the stats in here. The link takes visitors to the custom made page: http://newspaperindex.tradepub.com/

The results have not been overwhelming. Yesterday I used your tool and build a banner that I replaced my best googleads with. I will try this for a couple of days. It is online now, do you have any ideas what I could do to use that ad space better?
Hans Henrik