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Congrats!!! No more going to a party with dark glasses That's more like it, the old site was like what I said, or eating dinner without salt. This is much better, why this was not done long ago, surely a couple of templates, few php / perl lines, season with CSS and good HTML+java and finaly serve with good chilli for extra security would've done. Alternatively, have a takeaway ready made from Postnuke or Drupal... I was reluctant to spend much promoting our directory http://www.wi-fitechnology.com/Publications+main.html (I suppose it needs redesigning a little), but now I look forward to a much larger database, looks like Netline is getting serious. By the way any thoughts on our directory or licensing the module we use to all here (postnuke and variants) will be appreciated, if anything, it will help promote netline to more advertisers in the long run
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We've come a long way but we certainly have a long way to go.

The idea of having ready-made plug-ins for the various CMS systems is something we're currently reviewing. I'm hopeful we'll have an update for you soon.

Give me a little more information on your licensing ideas and I'll get back to you.

Thanks again,

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Well, we currently use a module for Postnuke (including its own Mysql tables,
Search friendly URLs, SEO etc), all the data gets uploaded to the database once
a month or so, or when there are enough new publications to be included, in such
case we download the newly updated CSV / Excel file and only add the new
publications. Basically just use the sql query upload and do not replace any
existing records, that way if the database has 290 publications and the new CSV
file has 320, only 30 new publications get added. The latter method makes sense
as the links are already indexed by search engines and bookmarked by users...

The module gets the publication data from the database with image URLs located
on tradpub, the links to subscribe of course lead to the affiliate / partners

The module is more or less compatible with other PHPnuke forks which there are
dozens of them now.

If we find there is a good interest, we can port it to Drupal Wordpress and

Most webmasters like to have control over what is being viewed, having the
publication reside on their own sites makes sense. Another big reason is
content, from a SEO perspective, publications become part of the site's content,
they get indexed as part of the site's content...whereas if only links to the
Tradpub domain, they don't and are treated as redirects to an external site
(some search engines still devalue sites with a lot of affiliate links), that
may or may not benefit tradpub, and I can speculate they may not do much good
nor bad, but certainly my method is certain to add to the webmaster's site's
value as well as tradpub's value in the long run.

In terms of licensing, there are a number of avenues, one would be to give an
exclusive rights to distribute any module written for any CMS to Netline /
Tradpub in return for an agreed fixed or running monthly fee (or an increase in
fees for each sub we accumulate), another would be to distribute them ourselves
either open source with a link back or a small fee, the third would be to listen
to suggestions here

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I understand most of what you are saying and find it very exciting! The approach I was using last year was to make a copy of my entire RevResponse site, do some global search and replaces, and upload the modified copies to several other sites.

While this worked pretty good for the most part, the problems I has were with the large (80MB) uploads per site, and that keeping each site updated required a new download and upload. The old publications that were no longer valid was the major concern, so I stopped doing this after about 6 months.

And I think your system would also have to drop old pubs as well, wouldn't it? But using a SMS to import the datafeed on a periodic basis would be just awesome. I think if the fees were small enough that partners like myself would be interested in exploring this option. But of course if RR was clever, they would consider getting an Adsense account and make Google pub code rotation part of the system and that would allow them to offer it at no charge to their partners... :-)

P.S. I just took a look at your http://publications.wi-fitechnology.com and it's really nice...!

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Hi Gang,

Although we don't make this available as a default selection (YET!) to our partners, you both may be interested in leveraging our XML catalog.

The XML file refreshes multiple times per day. If any new content is added, the content is automatically updated on the XML file and the same thing goes for when a publication has expired.

The catalog includes about a dozen or so different data attributes per offer allowing you a ton of flexibility in how you re-purpose and integrate our content.

Let us know if you're interested in this and we can easily get you set-up.

Thanks again!

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Hi Dave,

We would love to have either a XML feed or a database of products.

This would increase distribution via all of our network sites and we could customize offerings based on the site's niche.

Kind Regards, Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

We'd be glad to help. You'll receive an email from your Account Manager with the link to the XML feed and related information.

Thanks again,