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I just got an email offer Newspaper Connections 2007. I think that there a few other white papers here from 2007. If the data in them is still current, why not have the advertiser change the date on the download. I know this isn't a RevResponse issue, but I think its bad to be promoting something dated. I mean personally I was thinking, "uhh why would I want to read last years crap?" Brian
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Hi Brian,
We think this is a great suggestion that we'll be sure to pass along directly to the publishers. Thank you for keeping us on top of these things. We're always giving this kind of feedback to our publishers but sometimes it means more coming directly from our partners.

Keep the suggestions coming!

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I own a publishing business as part of what I do, and there are several reasons why the publications should NOT be altered.

First, a report applicable to 2007 can certainly have direct relevance to years following, because it provides a more historical perspective. As a silly example, I have baseball annuals going back decades, and last year's helps me understand what might happen this year. If I'm interested in the subject I would indeed want a 2007 report.

Second, and more important, you don't "change" a title of any publication. It's just not done, again for a couple reasons. It confuses customers (do I have it, did I read it, oh crap, it's the same as last year's), and second, if the report has an ISBN number (or similar) you then have a fairly big mess because now you'll have two books with the exact same isbn but with different titles and that's a NO-NO.

Changing titles if unprofessional.

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Hello Work911,

Thanks for your input.

We would never suggest changing a title to something more timely...we would however encourage our publishers to publish a more timely version of the asset or a new one altogether addressing the current period.

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Publish a new report. (depending on the market it's about of course) With the example above, I'm sure there is data in it that is unchanged over years. However I'm sure there are also entries that need added as well as ones that need removed. If I'm looking for places to advertise, I'm sure not going to use last year's report. That's just me thinking as a consumer though.