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I use my RevResponse user name and password in the pop up box, but it does not let me view/make changes. Oh yeah, It lets me get to the wizzard without the password.
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Hi FirstStepsToRiches,

You'll notice when you visit the co-branded site wizard, that it is still in a BETA stage. In the explanation of the tool, we note the BETA, and ask you to use the following:
username: preview
password: circ

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you, everything is working fine now...

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My Co-branded site name is earn2you.

How to change the name??

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In order to change your partner TradePub URL, you can reach out to your account manager. In this case, that would be me. Let me know what other site you would like to have added to your account. We can create additional brands within your account for other sites that on which you plan to promote our offers.

For example, if you own a site called, we would add a brand to your account which would give you as your Co-Branded site.

You can reach me here or via email,, to let me know what sites you would like added to your account.

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thanks for the login and pass, I had this problem with IE.. It was asking for authorization.

With Google Chrome when I click the preview button nothing happens. (even after using save to preview button)

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Bytes2000 - It looks to me like you figured it out. The co-branding on your site looks great. Did you continue to experience trouble?

If so, can you send me a few screen shots of what you see when you try to use the tool? That will help us to fix any problems. You can send them to