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I am using Tradepub affiliate program for over a year now and all I have earned is 8$ from 5 leads! I feel so disapointed. Reading this report for advertisers I found that it very easy for advertisers to get leads, yet make the payment qualification criteria very hard. "Only you can define “quality” when it comes to leads worthy of passing along to your sales organization." • Filter on geography, company size, industry,and job function. • Custom qualification questions identifiesyour targets. • Targeted and qualified prospects based on your criteria. • Student and consultant removal. So, if I was an advertiser I would set 100 filters get thousands of leads and pay only for a few.
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Hi Clyde,
I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the results you are getting from RevResponse. I am glad that you are posting here now with your concerns so that we can address them and help you to profit moving forward.

I want to clarify your concerns about the way we work with our advertisers…

You are correct that advertisers have the ability to set qualifying criteria. We have explained this in the past. But, the advertisers are required to pay NetLine more per lead when the qualifying criteria is harder to meet. And, since we pay our partners on a revenue sharing model, the more qualifying criteria, the more the lead costs, the more you earn when you generate that lead.

We are able to pay you for the leads you generate because we are paid for generating leads for the clients that supply those offers. Some of these clients set up rejection criteria like you pointed to.

One point I must emphasize is that the publisher/advertiser is never provided with the information of your rejected leads. They provide their filters to us up-front. If a user does not meet their qualifying criteria it is logged as a reject for you and that information is never passed to the offer publisher.