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I received a note : QUOTE I applied for magazine one and half month ago and i do not receive any notification (success or failure) and magazine after my first application. I tried it for again today. This is the message that I received for both of the times: "Please note that subscriptions are free to those who meet the publisher's demographic and geographic requirements, and the publisher reserves the right to limit the number of free subscriptions. It may take up to 12 weeks to receive the first issue. " Does it mean that I am successful or not? UNQUOTE Please advise : i) How long is the review and approval cycle ? ii) Should there be a note indicates to the applicant that if their application is success or failure ? iii) Can a applicant apply same magazine for second time if first time has no notification (success or fail) using same email address ? iv) if the applicant has changed company/organization, should he use the same personal information and email address (but change information on organization for new application (same magazine) ? What is the successful rate by using same email address ? Should the applicant use different email address ? Personally i think there is some short fall in the procedure...Hope this can be addressed quickly for mutual success in this partnership. Thanks.
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Hi Webworm - I certainly understand your concern. The tricky part is that the way these subscriptions are handled is up to the publishers.

Here's a snippit from our FAQs:


All qualification forms are forwarded to the publishers. It is the sole discretion of the publisher to determine if they will accept or deny subscriptions. Unfortunately publishers do not always have a procedure to notify subscribers if they are not accepted. If the 12 week time frame has passed and you have not received your first issue, you may want to try selecting another publication of similar interest - different publishers may have different qualifying standards for each publication. You may also want to refer to the thank-you email that was sent to you when you submitted the qualification form. There you will find the contact information for directing your subscription status inquiries.

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Thanks for your quick response.

As mentioned, this subject to the way publisher handling it. Certainly this lead to confusion by the applicant and us. I would really wish RevResponse blog about it. We would surely interested to provide positive advice to our reader or potential lead generator to minimize confusion.

As RevResponse possibly have information how many leads and rejection for an account on daily basis, probably RevResponse is possible to have information who is the successful applicants. I guess.


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Hi Webworm - once again, thanks for your input. If only we could force the publishers to act in a certain way...

I've made a note about your comment and will see what can be done in the future.

Keep up the great work!