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I have been promoting just one magazine from the catalog and right now I just found that it was "temporarily unavailable" mmm too bad. I will have to cleanup the links from my site (not an issue), since it was worthless to advertise a product that is not available. It would be great if we have any kind of communication email or updates when certain offers are unavailable. I know I can offer more magazines/papers in order to avoid loosing money, but I dont want to "spam" my users filling them with irrelevant offers. I will keep checking the offer catalog and put the links back once the offer is back. I'm just wondering, are you limiting the maximum number of signups per offer !?? or per offer per day ? Regards,
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Thank you for your input. We know how important and useful an offer notification system will be for our partners and are working on a solution. This is something that has been on our list of future enhancements for a while and we are working on the best option to keep things simple and streamlined. It will most likely be an email system that you can subscribe to. Stay tuned...

For a little more information relating to expirations...

Offers don't expire on specific dates. The clients who offer these magazines and downloads for you to promote, only have a certain number to give away. Once our partners have generated that many subscriptions those offers expire. Depending on how many partners we have promoting a given offer, the offer will be available for a different time frame. Many of our offers to have monthly maximums. That is why you will notice that some of our regular offers expire for the last few days of the month only to be released again the following month.

We appreciate your feedback and do take your suggestions and concerns seriously. I'll let you know as this expiration notification becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our system.

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Bytes2000 -

I forgot to mention that we do have a tool that might help you to avoid the situation you are currently facing. Instead of putting a single link to one offer on your site, you could utilize our Offer Wizard to build ads that feature a handful of offers you find relevant. If one expires, it will be removed from rotation until it is renewed for our network.