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I'm really happy about this, is great and this way is much much better than the last one! Congratulationes RevResponse.
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I'm impressed!! Well done to those that came up with the idea and those that implemented it.

Keep up the terrific work :-)

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I'd be impressed if it worked. Cool idea. I think it's only displaying a teeny tiny fraction of offers available, if I compare it on several cats (HR, and exec management) to the stuff shown on tradepub.

Is this more alpha, beta stuff? Which is accurate, the catalog here or the catalog on tradepub?

Perhaps I'm missing something, but if this is broken attempt, It's getting fairly old (and I'm cranky today).

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Thanks for the post; we initially released the offer catalog to display publications/documents using primary category only, so that is why you are seeing a difference between Tradepub and the offer catalog. We will be including the secondary categories for the publications/documents shortly; so you should be seeing the same offers on Tradepub as you do on the offer catalog.

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As many of you have already noticed, the Offer Catalog has been disabled. We're working on correcting a few performance related issues that were causing some of you to have limited access to the tool.

Stay tuned for the re-release.

Thanks again,