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I'm starting to wonder whether there are offers that are available that are not included in the offer catalog. Confirm? ..and why not offer an easy xml feed display creator?
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I might as well add another concern.

Since when has been been the case that a person can apply, receive the download location, download the whitepaper, and be counted in the statistics as rejected, and thus the referrer does not get paid?

Under what circumstances does this happen and how often?

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Hi Work911,
All of the offers we have available are listed in the offer catalog. You'll see you can sort the offer catalog by Active Offers, New Offers, and Expired Offers. By sifting through these three listings you will be able to find any offer we have. You’ll notice in the "expired offer" section it lists offers that are expired and offers that are "going to expire." If an offer is listed as "going to expire" that means there are less than 50 available leads left before that specific publication/document is no longer available. Those offers are moved to this section in order to prevent our partners from grabbing offers that are bound to quickly come down.

As for the XML feed display creator, can you give me more information about what you'd be looking for? This isn't something that is currently in the works but with your explanation and suggestion we can certainly consider building something for you.

And for your last concern, you're asking why a user may show as rejected in your earning report but still receive the free content. This has always been the case for users who submit a form requesting downloadable content. If they meet the qualifying criteria, they receive the offer, their information is provided to the offer publisher, and you are paid. If they don't meet the qualifying criteria, they still receive the offer (if it is downloadable) BUT their information is not provided to the publisher, we are not paid for that user and therefore we cannot pay you. We still provide the content to that user for the sake of managing our partners' user experience. In order to provide a positive user experience for your audience, we do not want to have them sign up for offers with you only to receive a rejection notice. We provide the content to them to protect your reputation and relationship with your audience.

Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

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Thanks, Karen. I didn't know that about rejections, but that's actually good news. Did I miss where you document this process?

As for the catalog, when going to, I saw a number of publications I'd never seen before, and were not in the catalog, or so it seemed.

As for xml feed, how about a simple way to select a category, and display the publication names in a linked list. Something that would be a 5 second thing if your rss feeds weren't a waste of space.

For now I'll leave it at that. I'm in a lousy mood. This week I've tried to deal with six major companies, including netline and two of your direct competitors) who seem to prefer keeping information available at a minimum, provide almost zero or slow support, can't solve basic problems, have terrible interfaces (I don't find YOUR search engine as the optimal way to find information here), and on and on.

But somehow they still think I should be in business with them.

Indeed you are far from the worst, and at least you folks are friendly, but at the end of the day, this is about business, and if we can't get done what we need to get done, and the revenue drops, we have to go elsewhere.

So, here's a few suggestions for you guys (ok, I still should leave it at that...)

1) Get your rss feeds working. XML is not a substitute. Have both function.
2) Redo all your creatives. They look like a kid made them with crayons, and they simply look terrible if you think as the target audience. We can't use them without editing everything, and that's your job.
3) Get some documentation done.
4) Get that stats things done (that's less important now). Impressions/clicks.
5) Figure out some ways so we are less likely to be advertising dead offers.

(I also understood that a new feature was available regarding indication of the date an offer started. Apparently I' wrong?) I said. Having a bad week.

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We all have bad weeks now and again. At least this week is almost over and you can start fresh on Monday.

Again, thanks for the suggestions. Believe it or not, they are all on our log of items to do.
1. We've got someone looking at the RSS feeds now. I'll certainly get you an update when they've been improved.
2. Our marketing department is working on ad creatives as well. Do you have any suggestions as to what you would want to see? What about an ad do you think drives performance?
3. What kind of documentation are you looking for? Is there specific program information that you need access to that you don't feel you understand?
4. The stats are still on our agenda.
5. I've been in touch with you about dead offer notifications. With your feedback I'm hoping to have a notification system in place in the near future.

The week is almost over. Have a great weekend.

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Thanks for being understanding. My stats this month are worse than terrible. 90% rejection rate. Almost no clicks even. We'll make almost nothing, down from $x,000, and there's probably nothing we can do about it.

We'll probably take all the revresponse creatives off on Monday, until offers improve and/or we get the tools we need. That's all we can do.

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As you know, we won't be able to release all of the tools you are looking for as soon as you need them; but, we will continue to work to provide them for you. We hope you'll continue to work with us as we try to keep your commissions up.

That said, it looks like you had a nice boost yesterday due to a few specific offers. I'd recommend you focusing on the offers that are proven performers for you and that have high payouts as you can see.

The Bulldog Solutions offer is close to reaching its lead cap. That means it will expire shortly. But the Oracle offer that spiked your earnings yesterday is still going strong. Try focusing on that one for a few days and see how it goes.

Good luck and keep your suggestions and questions coming.