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Social Sharing with Open Graph

Social Sharing to the Next Level!

LIVE: Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags

First of all, if you are not currently using social media to reach your readers, you are missing out! Secondly, RevResponse just took social shares and posts to the next level with the release of Open Graph and Twitter Card tags.

All TradePub pages are now fully optimized to display the offer title, description, and full size cover image. The category pages have also been updated to show an appropriate value for these three main variables also. RevResponse Gallery Twitter Card Whether you are posting an offer URL on Twitter, using the "ShareThis" Facebook share button, or you post a daily free white paper offer on LinkedIn – you are now optimized!

For those of you that don’t follow Zuckerberg on Twitter or are not particularly social media crazy, you may have missed the launch of Open Graph. Let me ask you this...have you ever tried to post your URL on Facebook and the preview displays a bad image from the website or the logo when you really wanted to share the post image? Or maybe nothing displays at all and you have to upload an image yourself? This is where Open Graph and Twitter Cards come into play.

Open Graph: Facebook introduced Open Graph as a connection point between Facebook and other websites. Open Graph provides third-party websites (you!) a level of control over how your content displays on Facebook when shared (or posted). In order to make this possible, information is sent via Open Graph meta tags in the < head > part of the website’s code. TradePub Offer Facebook Post

    Facebook’s Open Graph protocol will help cultivate richer and more useful data in an attempt to make “social” the new default of the web. Still, the looming question is: What does this mean for businesses that have invested so much in Facebook marketing? If any of Mark Zuckerberg’s audacious F8 presentations come to fruition, businesses should start optimizing their Facebook presence now more than ever.- What Facebook’s Open Graph Means for Your Business via Mashable

LinkedIn is still working on their integration with OpenGraph (or maybe their own version). But for now LinkedIn is ‘compatible’ with OG and using these tags will, in most cases, optimize your display.

Twitter Cards: Twitter developed their own integration with third-party websites, similarly to Open Graph; however, Twitter created their own set of custom tags. Twitter Cards allow you to assign the display that is best for your site and attaches rich photos, videos and media experiences to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. (We have implemented a Gallery Card for RevResponse and Large Summary Image Card for TradePub and You – check it out!)

TradePub Offer LinkedIn Post The great news is that we have implemented these tags for you! Now whether you are posting your own RevResponse offer promotions on social media or if your readers are sharing their latest white paper download, the integration will automatically customize the story to display: title, description, and image.

We hope this will encourage you to try out social media posting as a second channel to increase your earning potential today! TradePub Offer Twitter Post

Click to find more information on Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter Cards. Plus, here are some helpful testing and validation tools should yu chose to tag the rest of your site or blog:

Read our post "Dating & Open Graph (Are They Really Similar?)" on Business2Community for more information about implementation and impact.

Example of Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags:

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