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Anyone have a better suggestion on how to embed the TradePub in a blog page without the use of iframe. Wish the site setup wizard a have a embeddable JavaScript codes with page auto-sizing options. Iframe with auto-height can be used if my TradePub contents are hosted on my server.
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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking for. Maybe another partner can chime in with a suggestion.

It sounds like you are currently embedding your partner page into your blogsite page with an iframe but want a version of the entire partner site that could embed it into a page as an object. Is that what you're looking for? Unfortunately we don't have anything like that available at this time.

Please feel free to clarify what you're looking for and I'll try to help you out.

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Karen, I think you got it right about what the poster wants to do. The issue with the iframe is that you have to specify the size, and then you either cut off stuff, or end up with large blank spaces, etc.

I have the same problem. It might be possible to try using includes, either in php or using server side includes in html but I haven't tried it. Going across domains that way is often forbidden for security reasons, so I don't know if it will work.

I ended up living with the problems with the iframe.

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Thanks for chiming in. We'll keep looking for solutions to make this easier for all of our partners.

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What 'work911' said is exactly what I've trying to say all this time. Only the problem is I can't explain it properly.

Thanks 'work911' for backin me up.

'iframe' is most used option by all the webmasters out there. Trying to embed TradePub in 'iframe' can be ugly with the blank space it left out when every pages are turn and all pages are not equal in height size.

Some affiliate partner program provides a JavaScript codes that can parse their feeds through and it will adjust the page layout accordingly inside the page div container or wrapper.

Karen, sorry for confusing you with my gibberish words.