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Hi, My confirmed commission in Feb was $105,I should get paid in mid-Apr,but I have not got the payment yet,could you please help me look into it? Thank you.
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Hello educationaries,

We did submit your PayPal payment last week. We received notice from PayPal yesterday that the money has yet to be claimed. You likely got an email from PayPal notifying you of this payment and asking you to set up your PayPal account in order to claim the funds.

Check with PayPal to see if there is an error with your account. Let me know what you discover.

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Hello - We submitted payment to the email address you originally had within your settings. It will take 30 days for us to get the funds back from PayPal. At that time we will resubmit the payment to your updated account.

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Thank you.

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Hi Karen,
I got a payment from you yesterday,but my payment reporting didn't show.why?
And when should I get my payment for Feb?Has it refund to you?

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Hi educationaries,
I'm checking with accounting today to find out when you can expect the February payment to be re-issued. As for the payment report, the data hasn't been imported to the report yet. It should be up-to-date soon.

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Hi Educationaries,
The report is now up-to-date. Additionally, we re-issued your February payment yesterday so you should have that in your PayPal account today.

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I requested that all payments are made by check.

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Till Date my Payment Report is Empty? when i'm going to get paid? could you please help me look into my Payment Report..and is this possible i can Request you please send my Privous Commission with this month Earnd Commission.
please Reply.
Thank you

with Regards

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Hi eDinc,

I investigated this with our payment department. It appears that your payments have been slightly delayed in relation to when you last updated your payment details within your account. I can confirm that you will receive payment in May for all of your earnings up through March.

Thanks for your patience.