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The payment of $69.21 for the month of November, 2010 and due to us on January 15th 2011 has not yet been paid as on 17th of January, 2011. What is the reason for the delay in payment??? For the past 2 months my earnings has been quite low and have a rejection rate greater than 85%.
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Hello Learners,

You will receive your PayPal payment tomorrow, January 18th. Unfortunately with the 15th falling on a Saturday this month and today being a holiday, the PayPal transfer was a bit slower this month. Never fear, you will receive your earnings tomorrow.

Regarding reject rates, can you tell me how you are currently promoting our offers? Once I see your specific promotions I might be able to offer some suggestions.

Also when you last contacted us, we sent you some data regarding your audience' geography and it seems that the majority of them are international. Many of our publishers are looking for a US/Canada audience, but if you are doing specific promotions, we can point you to offers that are available internationally.