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Hello, I was wondering.. The payments I will receive, what is the minimum set to for my check, is it $50? So at the end of the month if I have not reached $50, will it carry over until at the end of a month when I have reached >$50? If I have reached more than $50 during the month, and say my end of the month total is $100, when will I receive that check? Like if it's May now, and I end the month on $100, will I receive the check during June or will it be in July, like commission which comes the month after..? Thanks.. I'm still trying to kind of understand the whole program and how it works.. So this might be a stupid question but I just don't know where to find the info here on the site..
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That's not a stupid question at all!

You're understanding it perfectly.
1. We pay you once you've reached a minimum of $50. We'll pay you for the total amount earned at the end of the month when you have a minimum of $50 in earnings.
2. If you have yet to reach $50, that total will carry over to the next month and you'll be paid for the month in which your total reaches a minimum of $50.
3. If you've earned $100 in May, you will receive that check mid-July. We're working on getting our payments closer to the earning date but for now it's a net 45 cycle.

If you have other questions, ask away!

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Cool thanks a lot, it's all becoming a lot more clear now. I guess when I have another question and I can't find an answer I'll make a post ;)

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That's for checks only, or even PayPal transfers are made in 45 days?

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It's actually for both. You get your earnings approximately 45 days from the close of the month in which you earned them. We are working to shorten this payment period in the near future.