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Hello kind admin. I had successfully made a few good payouts. however in the last year i have only been able to get half way to a payout level and havnt had any action off my site in over 6 months on magazine subscriptions. I was pushing them hard to. Is there anyway I can please get a payout as I have used up all my sites resources of getting mag subscribers. Thank you in advanced. Alan
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Hi Alan,
Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a payout until you reach the $50 minimum. I am more than happy to provide you with some additional suggestion to hopefully help you meet that target payout and more.

Here are some of the most successful methods for generating revenue with us:
- Integrate your partner page (http://lemontide.tradepub.com)within your site through a simple navigation text link or tab (some of the more popular terms are partners use are, Magazines, Free Magazines, White Papers, Resources).

- Promote a single offer; just go to the site we built for you or use the offer catalog to find something that you feel your audience would be interested in, grab the URL and use the text and/or images to easily promote this offer or offers to your audience. (Also if you want to promote a category of publications, just click on the industry and use that URL for that specific category.)

- If you have a newsletter or acquire new members on a daily basis; are you monetizing the sign-up process? When someone signs up are you sending them to a separate page or sending out an email confirmation, why not provide a link for free magazines thanking them for signing up on the confirmation page or email. This way you will add even more value to them while generating some extra revenue.

- Newsletter Promotions: you could easily promote a free magazine of the month feature and provide your readers with additional value.

- Twitter Promotions: do you have a Twitter account and have followers? Many of our partners have been leveraging Twitter as a promotion tool and have started tweeting about individual free magazines they may be interested in.

I'm hopeful that by giving one or more of these suggestions a shot you will find that you still have the audience for our offers. Let me know if you need help with any of these ideas.

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dear Alan
it's not a perfect world out there, it's not always accepted, the more you need to do whatever promotion you're doing, i for one have many sites promoting free magazine but the next day I do it all over again, it's in the constancy of what you're doing that will give results.

you have still untapped resources like
go to big-boards.com it contains forums that will need your magazine, you can post there, or on blogspot.com/blogger.com see there are blogs there that needs solicited comment, use search.twitter.com search for "blog comments" and there are numerous real people there that solicits comments, blog comment is free and make use of it, don't forget to include one line of your sig pointing to your free magazine site, and i can name a lot.

www.Nabaza.com www.Nabaza.net www.Nabaza.org www.Nabaza.name www.Nabaza.info

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Try to use niche blog and offer magazine subscription related to the niche. I think it's much2 better or try to get targeted visitor from your country using your own language (except English) :D

Just a simple suggestion :)