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Press Release: Content Strategy and User Experience Overhaul Leads to Increased Publisher Earnings

"We entered this initiative with one primary goal: let the content do the talking and get out of the way," said David Fortino, VP Audience Development, NetLine Corporation. "Playing the role of a content conduit to our discerning audience is a responsibility we carry with us daily and it's an honor to represent some of the world's greatest brands in their various audience outreach endeavors."

New TradePub Website Early analysis of the redesign is telling a compelling story for this audience focused approach by RevResponse. The full suite of enhancements produced a more powerful and compelling content request flow for all users. By improving the methods for content discovery RevResponse increased the average content request count per active user by 30% and increased the revenue generated per active user by 12%. The mobile audience responded to the new streamlined mobile menu and page design with a significant improvement in engagement including bounce rate reduction of 10% and pages per session increase of 20%.

"The use of more prominent imagery, predictive search technology, targeted recommendation modules, and instant download capabilities has resulted in a highly immersive experience that has enhanced our audiences' ability to engage with and consume professionally relevant content. We'll continue down this path of iterative improvements based on serving the needs of our audience, publishers, and content contributors."

The RevResponse Team is proud to make this formal announcement. Read the full press release here.
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