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If I use, it will bring me to http://www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.www.w... But if I use, no problem at all. Is this problem happens to all site?
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'Adiska' is your unique partner sub-domain. This sub-domain always needs to be used instead of 'www'.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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Hi Dave, thanks for your quick response. (Off course this is revResponse. Hehehehe LOL)

I wan to know can we fix it so if anybody used the www, it will bring them directly to our unique partner sub-domain.

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Mulyadi Pasaribu

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Nice one...

Due to the way our system has been architecture, you'll need to stick to using your unique partner sub-domain without the reference to 'www.'