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Hi, I'm only seeing content on the homepage: I'm not seeing any content in any of my categories. Clicking on the individual categories gives me 'We're sorry, there are no selections available at this time. Please check again soon.' I'm not sure if it's just my site or if others are experiencing the same problem. Please help!!!! Regards Helen
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Hi Helen,

We discovered this issue a couple hours ago and are actively working to fix it. It is not your site; it is problem on our end that will be fixed shortly. I'll let you know when everything is sorted out.

Thanks for your patience!

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I'm just wondering whether it's possible for you to create a mailing list (in house or even on yahoogroups or something) to let us know when there are problems, issues, etc. The blog and forum are good, but I'd like to know of problems asap, without having to check in every few hours.

We just spent several hours preparing our ezine newsletter featureing tradepubs as the feature story. It went out to about 10,000 people and I'm hoping that the problem you mentioned above isn't going to impact things, because it's not like we can resend it. We really don't like to alienate our subscribers.

Anyway, if we had known, we could have held off sending the ezine out to be sure the links and all would work.

Hopefully it's all fine (it looks it) but it could be a fair number of lost subs/revenue if it was a more serious or longer lasting problem.

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Hi Work911,

We actually already support that simply need to subscribe to it. The best way to make sure that you dont miss anything moving forward it to visit your 'My Account' page and click on the 'Subscriptions' tab.

From there you can opt-in to receive email updates for anything and everything that is discussed on the site. It's quite helpful and is actually the same tool we use internally to track all messaging that occurs on the site making sure that we provide you with a speedy response.

Your promotion would have been unaffected assuming that you didn't promote and category page links. All direct links to specific offers and home pages of your co-branded sites were in normal working order.

I hope this helps,

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You couldn't find it on your page because we were just smoothing out the details on our end. It's up and running now.

Here's how to get yourself signed up for email alerts when any/all threads are updated:

And if you only want to get updates on the threads that you've posted to:

This should set you up with what you're looking for.

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Hi Gang,

I'm jumping-in in Karen's absence...for some reason she needed to eat!

The problem has been fixed. We're looking into the cause but it appears to be tied to a server 'meltdown'...we'll provide a more descriptive update once we know more from our heroic engineering team.

The only links that were broken were the direct links to the category pages. None of the offers ever went down.