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Hi, my interest has been caught by that is a free sample of the PHP anthology ebook. I clicked my affiliate link and i've been moved to a page in which is required to fill a form with many questions to ascertain if i'm eligible to download the free sample. Then i went to the sitepoint ( the seller of php anthology ) and for the download of the free sample just require me to put only my email address without requiring any infos: Well i think that if the tradepub link would move to a sitepoint similar download page then more people would be willing to download the free sample and this would mean more money for me, more money for RevResponse and more money for Sitepoint that would see increased sales by a greater number of its book's sample download.
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You are correct that requiring only an email address for the offer request form would certainly lift conversions. With that being said, it is not something we are able to do based on our business model. Our model is reliant on capturing more information than just an email address. In this specific case, the publisher has asked us to promote their content because they are looking to capture specific data-points from our partners' audience in order to better understand who our partners are distributing to. Because they pay us for that distribution, and we pay you for that distribution, they require more data from us for that payout.

Their corporate site is a bit different in the sense that they are not paying us to deliver their content...when you have no cost associated to the distribution of the content its far easier to ask less questions.

For a little more information about qual forms, publisher requirements, and rejection rates, you may want to read this thread.