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This message is in two parts: Hello, I have an associate account. I read the link tracking PDF and I understand fully how to link to different categories etc, but how do I properly place my link in the generated code produced by the Wizard? In the past we had to place the category abreviation into the url. IE: &ct=Foodb Below is the code for Small & Medium Business generated by the Wizard on the Promote page. How and where do I fit my code into this script? Do I place it after pub&kry=...? Please place an exact example here. The Code for Category Small & Medium Business is below. This is my unique tracking url. Please insert into the spot it's supposed to go in.
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Hi accessnow,

Currently, the ad wizard tools on RevResponse are not available to our associate partners. The tracking link that you use in order to ensure you are paid for the subscriptions you generate cannot be placed within the wizard-generated HTML. We’re working on a solution to this situation and in early 2008 we will be eliminating account statuses so all partners will be created equal and able to use all of the RevResponse tools.

I really appreciate your patience as we sort out all of these issues. Additionally, if you’d like specific creative for your site in order to promote our offers, you can contact Vince Chiarlone who will provide you with banners and buttons to meet your needs. He can be reached at vchiarlone @

Thanks again for your understanding and let me know how else we can help you to increase your revenue potential with us.