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If we are provided a sample of each magazine ,white paper etc , we can better promote them by writing review on our blogs. I don't say sample should be given to everyone who joins revresponse but at least to some publishers who are performing to a certain level as reaching to at least payout limit in month. As it is a lead based program and every publisher has some knowledge and experience in at least in a category so he can write review about magazines in that category to push no. of leads at next level. As for me i have B.Tech in computer science and can write review about IT related Magazines in IT related forums that will help to get more subscriptions. Arun
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Writing a review about magazines or white papers that you are suggesting to your audience has a great potential to convert to high earnings. We see publishers constantly working with us in this capacity. Many of our most successful publishers take a more editorial-like approach to their promotions and focus their efforts on writing small reviews of the offer(s) prior to sending the visitor forward. This tactic can easily be done by simply reading and interpreting the description of the offer already provided by us. You can obviously do some research on your own if you're up for the challenge as well. Below is an example of a recent short review written by a publisher:

Good luck!