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Hi, I have been given a site Now can i publicize only that link in my newsletter? As I understand it, I get commission for all those who subscribe to a magazine through this url? thanks SA
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Hi dotnet,

You most certainly can promote your link however you see fit. You can leverage any of the promotional vehicles we make available in the 'Promote' wizard or you can simply direct link to the main page and/or specific offers pages within your provided site.

Just make sure you always have your unique tracking sub-domain before the domain and you can rest assured that you'll be rewarded for any and all conversions that are generated.


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Thanks David for the quick response.

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Please let us know if you need anything else.


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Just want to know can we use link protection services like to protect our website URLs? . Do you count leads that come from link protected URLs . I used it for oracle magazine but all 11 subs rejected. Is it cause of the protected URL ?

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Hi arunrev,

You can certainly use a service like that if you feel the need. The tracking of your conversions will continue to work as normal so long as the actual users are still going through your assigned partner link.

I would caution that the use of 3rd party tracking/redirect/protection services can equate to a delay in the deliverability of the visitor to the page which could, in turn, cost you possible conversions if people opt to bail before ever getting to the destination page. Seeing that these services are outside of our control, we cannot guarantee their reliability or uptime.

I hope this addresses your question and look forward to hearing how this works out for you.