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A quick question... I'm trying to reconcile my RevResponse reports with Google Analytics. What time zone is used for the Start/End Dates? Also, is the date/time displayed when the Thank You page was displayed to the applicant? Thanks, James
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I believe it is the EST timezone and reports are updated once a day around 11 AM. Having said that it takes a couple of hours for the stats for the day to be stabilize (probably because leads are approved/rejected manually)

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Hello RisingSuns,
Halcyon is correct. Our statistics display in Eastern Standard Time. Our reports are usually updated by 11am EST and the daily reports reflect the activity that your account did the previous day from 12:00am - 11:59pm.

Subscriptions are counted in your activity almost immediately after your site visitor submits the form. The accept/reject criteria is built into the forms and is pretty instant. It is not a manual process.

I hope this helps.

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Halcyon / Karen -

Thanks for the answer! Here's another question :-)

Can we find out why an application was rejected? While it would be great if I knew the exact reason for each application, it would also be helpful to know, at a group level, what the reasons for rejection were for a group of applications, say for a particular month or channel code.

Having this information would allow me to focus my (limited) resources on those marketing efforts that work and/or figure out how to tweak the ones that don't work.


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Karen, I appreciate your quick reply and openness :-)

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I hope this isn't a silly question, but... For people that apply AND are rejected for an offer that can fulfilled immediately, such as a whitepaper or online video, do they know they've been rejected? Are they able to download or view what they requested despite being rejected?

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That's not a silly question at all.

The user gets all of the downloadable content regardless of whether they were qualified. Unfortunately, when it's a magazine offer, we can't give them the subscription if they were rejected.