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Hello, Hopefully I'll ask this question properly... I noticed in the offer catalog that the link for me to have members sign up for e-week magazine is: http://themoneykings.tradepub.com/free/ew/ However, that page has a button link which takes the user to the actual sign up form for e-week. http://themoneykings.tradepub.com/free/ew/prgm.cgi My question is this: If I email my friends and subscribers a link to subscribe to e-week, can I just send them directly to the link below and bypass the first page listed in the offer catalog? Or will we not get credit for the user signing up then? http://themoneykings.tradepub.com/free/ew/prgm.cgi Thanks, Tim
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Hi Tim,
You can use either link to promote our offers to your users. Often, sending your audience directly to the qualification form (http://themoneykings.tradepub.com/free/ew/prgm.cgi) results in higher conversions than sending them to the summary form (http://themoneykings.tradepub.com/free/ew/). That said, you'd want to tell your friends a little about the publication they're signing up for. And you can get the information on the summary form.

You are welcome to promote with either link and you will get credit. As long as you see "themoneykings.tradebpuu.com" in the link, you're getting credit.

I hope this helps.

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Great, thanks for the response!

The reason I ask is because I work in the tech industry, and for people I know personally, I was going to take a step out of the signup for a specific magazine for them. For example, I work with 2 other oracle developers, and I know they'd all benefit from the actual magazine and be interested in a subscription so I was just going to email them the link directly.

Thank you!


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No problem. And that sounds like a great idea!